The X Helper – the help for iPhone app developers on Xcode – Objective C Snippets

The X Helper - iPhone app developers toolATTENTION: This application is intended for people who already have a bit of familiarity with the Objective C programming and the use of Xcode. If you already know a bit the Xcode development environment and you’ve already developed some small application then The X Helper can be of great help for you, but if you still do not know anything about Objective-C and Xcode then at the moment this app is not for you.

The X Helper is the help you are looking for… it will make your Objective C programming for iPhone and iPad easier and faster!

It contains 80 snippets (code examples) that will help you set a lot of functionality to your applications.
Additionally you can also record your code, those lines of code that you often use and you always are searching in this or that project … now you can have them all well-organized and easy to find.



The X Helper has a powerful search engine that allows you to perform quick searches to find the code your looking for.

Another feature of The X Helper is HTML –> Xcode, a module that will transform your Html code in valid code for Xcode. Sometimes we have to insert the html code into our projects, for example to fill a WebView with some formatted text, but in Xcode you can not insert the HTML code as it is, you first need to format it, and even if it is a simple task in some cases it can be a long and tiring work, but with The X Helper you can perform the transformation with a simple click.

All the codes in The X Helper have been tested and used in all of our applications, then we guarantee their functionality.

If you are serious about programming and development of successful App then The X Helper is the software that can not miss in your Mac.

Available in 3 languages: English, Italian, Spanish


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