ItalApp è online!

Lun, Ago 15, 2011


Il sito di ItalApp ha dato il suo primo vagito al mondo… è un grande giorno!

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  1. REX LEE ha detto:

    Dear Sir,
    I just buy the iVoice recorder App form iTune.so far ,I can recoder my voice on this App.Now,I try to send the recoder file to my E-mail ,however,it always lost the attached recorder file and only show off record date /file size/time period.Please quikly help me check and reply it as soon as possible.My baby need to reply his homework today afternoon,thnaks so much ! looking forward to hearing reply soon.


    • bluebeardit ha detto:

      Hello, this issue has been resolved with the last update, now the user can download all the recorded files pluging the device to the computer and using iTunes software. In the app there is a tutorial with images that will guide you in all the steps.

      • Euro ha detto:

        Hi, it seams that itunes do not allow me to access files on the app (i’m on 8.3 on an iPhone 5s) do I need to reinstall the app? I do not remember if it was a *free or a charged app. will I loose may files if I cancel and buy your new app?

        • bluebeardit ha detto:

          Hello, we need to know what app you are referring at to be able to help you.
          Anyway, if you reinstall the app you will certainly loose any file you saved within the app… but you won’t have to buy the app again as when you own an app it is forever.

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